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History of Diagnosketch

I also began to draw simple pictures of procedures before I performed them. Before inserting a scary nasogastric tube into a patient’s nose, I drew an image of what was going to happen. Before placing a foley catheter in a patient’s bladder, I drew a…

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How to get into the habit of Daily Painting

‘Daily painting’-the habit of completing small paintings on a daily basis has always intrigued me. In my experience, oil painting takes forever to set up and clean up. If there was a way that I could streamline the process, I was all in. I read…

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How to Keep a Sketchbook: 5 Simple Steps

Practicing artists will tell you that the single most important thing you can do to the development of your artistic skills is to keep a sketchbook. But how do you do that? That sounds like a silly question. I know. Of course, I had been…

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