“I can’t believe this book is equally as useful to patients as it is to doctors. The illustrations cover the most common diagnoses in the ED and reflect the diversity of patients we see every day. Everyone will find themselves represented here.”

—Thea James, MD, EM Physician; Vice President, Mission; Associate Chief Medical Officer, Boston Medical Center

“This book is an extremely helpful tool for real-time patient education, there is really nothing available that is comparable to Diagnosketch.  It is the best resource for concise and easy-to-understand explanations for patients of their diagnoses, while still maintaining medical accuracy and an appropriate level of detail. It helps me get through to my patients and makes bedside education much smoother and more meaningful.”

—Celia Pagano PA-C in Emergency Medicine for 6+ years

“I could really have used these illustrations to explain to my patient with an ovarian cyst what was going on! She was in the hospital with her dad and the doctor here was a man. I had to give the poor girl a crash course in A&P, menstruation, and explain what was going on without scaring her to death. My artwork is subpar at best, I really wish I had this book!”

—Kim Belton, RN, ER Nurse at

Atrium Health with 11+ years’ experience

“I love this book, there are so many great visuals for the bread and butter of what we see and explain all of the time. What a great resource!”

—Katrina Barnett, MD, On Staff, El Camino Hospital, Mountain View and Los Gatos, CA; On Staff, Palo Alto VA, CA; ER physician for 15+ years

“I use Diagnosketch not only with my patients at work, but also to explain my job to my children at home. It’s a fantastic teaching tool!”

—Jaclyn Davis, MD, EM Physician with 10+ years’ experience and Medical Staff President, Atrium Health Pineville

“This book is amazing! The simplicity of it, with the wonderful illustrations, makes this an awesome teaching tool for our patients. I can’t wait to share this with my team.”

—Rachel Smitek, MD, Senior Director of Quality, US Acute Care Solutions; Board-certified Emergency Medicine doctor with 10+ years of practice

“I work in a rural outpatient clinic setting and make rough drawings on my own all day for patients on the paper covering the tables or the back of glove boxes. I really enjoy your book; patients find the
pictures easy-to-understand and I like how clear they are.”

—Carol Venable, MD of 20+ years,

EM/IM Physician, Port Townsend, WA

“This book replaces the need to pull up Google at the bedside to search for images. All common diagnoses are compiled and easy-to-understand!”

—John Burger, MD, EM Physician with

10+ years’ experience in Charlotte, NC

“Diagnosketch takes the nebulous and sometimes frightening terms we use in medicine and paints a clear picture for the patient, helping to remove the anxiety of not understanding what a diagnosis means. The illustrations are universally applicable, transcend different languages and cultures, and demystify the human body and its most common maladies.”

—Elizabeth Mitchell, MD, Clinical Professor, Department of Emergency Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine; EM Attending for 30+ years

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